Monday, July 15, 2013

What If I Take A New View

Good Monday morning! When we think of God's view, we tend to do something a bit silly such as imagining the view from a transparent airplane or some kind of super satellite camera. But God's view is not like that at all. God sees all, and even those high up there things cannot see all. When I try to imagine seeing all the atoms and molecules moving about, the waves of this or that energy, the thoughts of 7 billion or so people, and all the motion going on in the universe right now my mind comes up short and starts to frazzle and smoke. My vision is simply not made for that sort of understanding at this point. Did you know that we can see atoms? Yes, they are right there in front of you; take a look.

Of course, my eyes cannot focus on something that small, but I am looking at many of them right now. The objects we see and hold each day are made up of many tiny things that we cannot focus on. Yet God sees all of that, both the overall object in its place in His universe and the tiny bits of His Creation that make up the object. There is more: I can try to imagine what comes next, as in the future, and I can recall the past as much as my memory allows, but God sees all of it laid out before Him. My memory is not perfect and my imagination untrue, I cannot hope to match God in seeing times. The prophecies in God's word are true, but for you and me they have not arrived yet. The best we can do at seeing from God's view is to read His word.

But I don't understand everything in God's word. Yes, even there we need the help of God's Holy Spirit. We do not need to understand all of it right now. We need to know that God's steadfast love is directed this day at you and me. Let us work with that knowledge this day.


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