Tuesday, July 02, 2013

We Can't Do It Alone

Good morning as we enjoy another day of mild temps at the crack of dawn. I've been up early many times, but I have never heard any large cracking noise at the sunrise. I wonder where that saying comes from. Of course, you will note that I am not writing at the crack of dawn. Today is the early men's Bible study down the street and we enjoyed some cinnamon rolls today courtesy of Mike's wife, Jan. So, I will get to write to you on a sugar high today. After I come down a bit and probably feel the need for a nappy nap, I will wonder what I can do to improve myself today. Then, I will turn it around and think that I can do nothing on my own. After that, I will be tempted to think that since I can do nothing on my own, I might as well do nothing and wait for God to take care of my improvement. Oops, went too far there once more!

The key in not depending upon myself to improve me alone is not in stepping out of the way completely, but in not doing it alone. God does want us to jump into the fight, just not all on our own will and power. We need the Spirit of God to accomplish our improvement; that is in guiding us to improve the right things as well as in the strength to accomplish anything worthwhile. On my own, I do not even know what to improve. I will tend to look at the outside and work on the too little this or too much that, while the Spirit looks at my heart and points "Over here! Over here!" We naturally want to clean the outside of the cup, just like those fellows from back in Jesus' day, and let the foul slop of sin burn the inside. We are comfortable and independent that way.

While the burning stain of sin burbles inside, we diligently seek out the stuff from worldly advertising to cleanse, trim, slim, tone, buff, wax, nip, tuck, pluck, plink, and unjiggle the wiggle from our poor, aging bodies. Uh, 'unjiggle the wiggle'?! Yeah, sounds a bit rough, I'll admit, but if I advertise it, someone will want it. We try to improve what we can see, but the real need is to improve what God sees. You know, all that stuff about your body, my body, or the body of anyone who believes in Jesus will be taken care of at the resurrection. The world wants to extend the stay of every body and brain in this life, because that is all it has and the knowledge of what awaits is starting to sneak into the consciousness of all. We who believe in Christ look forward to something else. Why should we try to extend our stay here?

I know, just to irritate those in power who refuse to believe in Jesus of course! They would be much happier if we all just left and went up to Heaven. Okay...they could get that wish fulfilled any moment now. In the blink of an eye, we might all be gathered up to Jesus!

Enjoy the company of our Lord today,

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