Saturday, January 03, 2009

My New Best Friend - January 3, 2009

Good Saturday morning! Yesterday some of your New Year's resolutions met with cold reality in that you had to return to work; this will happen on Monday for many other folks. As for me, I took my trip yesterday, went all the way to Kimball too! The trip wasn't about a destination, that town just happened to be where I stopped and drove around. I bought a copy of the Western Nebraska Observer, the town weekly newspaper, and then drove back home. What was this driveabout, so to speak, all about? The future, as in, my future. The question of whether I will give writing an honest effort, which has only happened on a couple of days so far, or whether I will go back to work for an organization or corporation. Today I am thinking of all of my own New Year's resolutions over the past few years; one and all beaten down by the pressures and duties of my former job.

Sometimes when we face life decisions a fork in the road appears before us. Which way to go? The guidance of the Holy Spirit may seem muted or not present. However, not too long ago, I remember studying the choice that Esther faced in her life. Mordecai advised her that what God wanted did not have to be done by her, she could choose to let it all pass by her. However, by not following God's will for her life, she would miss out on all the blessings that God had in store for her. A similar choice comes before me. You might have thought that I had already made that decision, but it seems that I must reconfirm and re-commit myself to this course. Yesterday, the thought came from somewhere outside of myself that I should commit to six months of honest effort in this endeavor.

The idea is not something ridiculous like 0500 to 2300 each day for all 180 days, but rather six months of effort like a person would give to a full-time job. That does not seem too much to ask of myself. None of us should be surprised that a dream might require some honest hard work, and I am not. Perhaps some of you (y'all for those down south) need to take a walk or drive to think with God about the direction of your life. One of the things that has come up, and is helping me during this time, is to learn that God wants to be a friend, a best friend. I am not speaking of the next life, but this one. God wants to hear from you and me all day, every day! Bounce your ideas off of Him; listen for His replies, and above all learn to trust in His divine providence! This is hard to learn, but is all the more important for us to do.

Praise God for the New Year!


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