Friday, January 02, 2009

Destiny and Now - January 2, 2009

Good Friday morning! The holidays or holiday season will soon be in the past. I say "soon" only in light of this upcoming weekend which many will consider a part of the holiday season. With a holiday on a Thursday, I suspect many will take Friday off work. Today, I am going to go somewhere, I don't know where, but somewhere out of town to get away.

The new year is upon us. Where will we go is an interesting question, but even more so is where we will end up on December 31 of 2009. Will the economic outlook be better at that time? Have we hit bottom in all the economic indicators and will be able to live through the upcoming better news? I don't know, but I live in Christ and that means I look forward to good news! We're not talking about winning the lottery "good" news, but the kind of good news that comes from working hard to improve the situation and seeing the rewards of that work. Yes, winning the lottery could be called good news for one person, but how would that help the overall situation? I am sure that any of us is willing to try out the answer to that, but I suspect that good old fashioned hard work will be a much more likely scenario for us. :-) Sorry to have to say that!

This weekend I am going to make a decision, several actually, and then write them down for God to approve or disapprove. That is different than my many former New Year's resolutions in that I am going to make a contract if you will with God. The road less traveled or the one that seems more secure? Which way will God have me to go to fulfill His purpose for my life? High hopes and aspirations? Perhaps, but for now I am off to gather the trash for garbage day... a gentle reminder of responsibilities in the now. :-)

Have a great Friday in Jesus!


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