Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go to the Word! - January 15, 2009

Good Thursday morning! Another interesting Bible study last night. Isn't it great to gather together in the Lord's name? Zechariah is an interesting book in the Old Testament and also one of those that may raise more questions than it answers. God never promised that we would understand all of His word right away. One wonderful thing about the Bible is that we can go back to it over and over, never failing to discover new inspiration, truth, and wonder in God's holy word.

Have you ever asked God for an answer to something troubling you and been directed to open His word at random? I have, and sometimes the page or verse seems to contain nothing that would present any kind of solution to my immediate problem. Later, much later really, I realize that the answer is there, not in the words themselves, but in the Word himself. Often the answer to the problem lies in simply getting my mind off of the whirlwind of catastrophic possibilities, and in getting my mind on the Almighty One. All of the Bible is God's love letter to us. Often we fail to remember to let go and let God in the times that we most need to do just that.

Need more fear inducement? Here's a new one for you, or perhaps one or more of you have already run into this. It would seem that I cannot get health insurance, at least not through the normal channels. My medical history haunts me in more ways than just the physical pain and discomfort I endure each day. What to tell the world? I'll just let them know that I am God-insured. That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, all of us are God-insured first and foremost. There is a state program for folks like me as well, and I will check into that, but real safety and security come from God alone.

If each of us looks at our own problems, we have every reason to be afraid. However, we are told to look at our Lord Jesus. No fears, no worries, mate!


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