Friday, October 03, 2014

Temptation: Resistance is Not Futile

Good morning on this windy and cold Friday morning! Fox News: "Man allegedly shoots down neighbor's drone with shotgun." I'm trying to write a devotional about successful resistance to temptation, and I start out with an example like that. Whatever is wrong with me? Depending on the circumstance, say the drone is obviously armed with a hi-def camera and is hovering outside your windows, resistance may indeed be futile. Not good enough for you? What if the teenage daughter is out back sunbathing and the drone is hovering over her? Yes, one shotgun probably isn't enough. A battery of them will do nicely in that circumstance. Maybe some friends from the trap club along with some hounds to track the owner's scent off the soon-to-be-demolished large flying mechanical insect. Neither of these hypothetical circumstances fit what happened out in New Jersey, but the drone age is coming and there will be some problems.

The temptation age began almost before man and woman could enjoy a quiet afternoon together. Since then, we haven't done much better than Eve at resisting temptation. We have a sacred duty to resist, but we need such help in making a successful fight. We are not alone, and resistance is not futile. Jesus gave the great commission at the end of Matthew, and He said one very comforting thing: "...and, lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Through His Holy Spirit, we can make a fight of it and resist that temptation. Jesus did it, and we can too...with His most excellent help.

Enjoy the cold of autumn this morning!

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