Friday, October 31, 2014

Tales of the Dreadful Halloweens

Whoohoo! It's the widely celebrated, but mostly unrecognized holiday! No one gets the day off, but many get into the celebration in a big way. And, it falls on a Friday night this year. Oh dear! I don't think Halloween ever fell on a Friday night when I was a kid. (Of course it did) We also waded through snow drifts to reach the houses giving out the good candy. (No snow, okay, maybe a little.) We made costumes to look like poor children, because that's what we wore every day. (Not true) And most of all, we little trick-or-treaters had to walk fast and duck into bushes to avoid the kidnappers. (Never happened)

Stories about how nice it was back in the day don't make for good grandpa stories (I ain't one of those either.) We need suffering and hardship to prove to the new little guys in their fancy store-bought costumes how tough we had it back in the days of real werewolves and actual blood-seeking vampires. Of course, if we did any running it wasn't away from horrors, but to grab more candy just like now. We listened to tales from the elders about how tough they had it in their time. Some, I think, could recall the times before Halloween had been invented, though strangely, they also told tales of costumes made from wood, rocks, and straw. I'm not sure I believe them.

Halloween hasn't changed a whole lot from when I was a kid. Yes, the costumes are store-bought, mostly, but they are also easier and cheaper (relatively-speaking) to buy than they were back in the day. Parents want for their kids what they didn't have or couldn't afford. Bleah, my coffee is cold! I want kids today to have nothing but hot coffee with plenty of caffeine to drive their parents nuts. After all, back in my day, trolls labored over hot fires to mix and boil coffee out of dirt and old chicory, while their little gnome servants worked over hot forges to fashion children's costumes out of rocks, wood, and straw.

Have a safe and happy celebration in Christ this Halloween,

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