Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blowing Against the Wind

The weather front will arrive, we promise. Of course, my promises regarding weather are completely useless. I have no control over the weather. If the wind blows, I can blow against it for all I'm worth and accomplish nothing, except to look more than a bit silly. When the Holy Spirit came in Acts like a mighty rushing wind, I wonder; did anyone try to blow against it? For sure the religious and political leaders of the time in Jerusalem did try to blow for all they were worth. It is interesting that in stoning Stephen, they had a hand in producing Paul, who would go on to be perhaps the greatest evangelist ever. We can see that blowing against the mighty rushing wind produced results quite the opposite of what the little puffers intended.

What about us though? We didn't blow against the Holy Spirit, but believed in Jesus and asked Him in to the heart. The wind of the Spirit arrives to cleanse us from the inside. Oh yes, we do blow against that wind occasionally; trying with all our little might to hold onto some cherished sin from the past. In time our resistance to the Spirit will crumble and the carnal man will lose that fight. All will be made ready for the Lord and His return. So, puff away carnal desire until you are worn out and give in to the cleansing wind of God's Holy Spirit. We know that Jesus has overcome the world, both the larger force that vexes so from the outside and the little carnal force that attacks from inside of us. One day the mighty rushing wind will blow all sin right into the lake of fire. What a glorious day we will see!

Enjoy the day in Christ Jesus!

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