Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Denied Something

Good morning on this great day in Christ! Something you want, even so much as to pray for many times, is denied you. It has happened to me, and we can tell each other that denial of that sort is not much fun. It may be that the thing is bad for you and me, and God has said an almighty 'No!' It may be that the world has priced this thing beyond our reach financially. Even the very rich don't get everything they want. Perhaps we do have the means, but at the big auction we find a fellow who will pay so much more that we find we don't want the thing quite so much as we thought. I had that happen a few times back in the day. I guess the point is that having a want denied does not mean the end of life, nor does it mean that God has stopped looking out for us.

Wants are so very subjective. What I want today may seem much less immediate and desirable tomorrow. What you simply must have this morning may not even break into your thinking this evening. Wants are one of those worldly guides that we cannot trust. Wah, someone emptied my coffee cup; I want some more! Well, that is a very minor want and easily fixed. Be right back! Wants come and go with some regularity, as opposed to needs which are fairly constant. What I want this moment is subject to my whims of the next moment. And all of us are subject to those suddenly changing circumstances that push wants of the day to a far place. Much later, we may even stop a moment to wonder why we wanted that past thing in the first place. Some of us may have homes or garages full of those things. Maybe what we want this weekend is a good old fashioned yard sale. A little denial of things may not hurt all of us. I confess to having been in that position a few times. Why did I want that thing so much back then?

It may be easy to become bitter if all wants are denied us. At the same time being denied something is not always a bad thing. The best want is that God loves us and wants the best for us. When the thing God wants is fulfilled and we are with Him forever and ever, much of what we think we must have now will be a distant and at times ridiculous memory. I expect many laughs over some of the things I thought I wanted so very much back in this day.

Have a bit less want-y day in Christ!

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