Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sometimes, Love Says No

Good morning, as the unseasonably warm weather is set to continue through the weekend. Yesterday, I watched love say 'no'. I have never liked to say no, even when some doubts hung over the situation. For a time, way back in the day, I had some resources and was able to respond with a yes in several instances. I liked it. Having resource and being able to use it generously is a blessing from God. Certainly it is much easier to be generous when I am well-stocked with any resource that others might need. Sometimes though, the pantry is empty, the bank account flirting with zero, and the resource tank is just plain dry. In those times love is forced to respond other than we might wish. However, there is another situation in which love must say no: that of doing more harm than good.

This is an area that God is especially good at. We think in our worldly doubts and fears that God must enjoy saying no to His children, but love is not that way. We come to God with a big request, one that by all ways we can think of will solve the problems facing us, but God turns down the request. What happened? Imagine God saying, "Yes, that would indeed solve all of the problems you see, but what about the problems I see arising from granting this request?" Indeed, the solution we see may cause more problems while solving those we are faced with. The new problems may be ones we would gladly trade in for the old ones if we only knew what was coming. Another view is that it may be better for you and me to work through the problems with Jesus in the slow way we may not like, rather than to receive a divine blessing that solves all immediately.

Receiving a 'no' is tough, having to give one may be harder for us to bear. Whether from lack of resource or from God-given knowledge that a negative response is for the better, we may face giving the hated 'no' to a friend in need. One thing we can always do, one resource that we never lack, is prayer. Always we have God to bring the request to on behalf of others. The resources we lack, God has in abundance. The wisdom and foreknowledge we do not have, God holds in His hands. Pray for one another: that's always a big "YES, I will!"

Have a good and glorious day in Christ!

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