Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where Do I Serve?

Good morning as the wind blows! Whazzat supposed to mean? I'm not sure, but the wind came up in the early morning hours, and it tends to weigh on the mind. A couple of questions the Christian gains at salvation: What is to be my service? and, Where do I serve? We fear the first one because the sinful old self thinks that God will demand some service for which we are not suited. The second is equally important because we tend to think opposite. In this, those who want to travel somehow come to the conclusion God will lock 'em up in the little town they wish to escape. Those who want to stay put fear that God will immediately send them on that proverbial mission to the Congo. Both tendencies are based in fear and unbelief. Whatever or wherever we are called to serve, it just may be that God has placed a dream deep down in the heart that longs to come out into the light.

When that dream begins to reveal itself, we start in with the reasons it cannot be accomplished in our strength and resource. Of course it does! If God gave us the mundane dreams that everyone has, where would be the grace and all-sufficiency of God's power? The current situation appears to deny every dream God has placed in the heart. Yes, where would faith grow if we knew the date and time that dream will be fulfilled? If I know that Jesus will return on some specified date at 10:00 in the morning, then it is just an event on the calendar and little faith is required. However, knowing that Jesus' return is set by God and that my job is to just believe requires a constantly-tended, well-watered, and growing faith. So, where do we serve again? Take up faith and start right here, wherever your 'here' is this morning. If God wants to move us, it will happen in God's time. If God wants us to stay put, then be content right in the here and now.

Have a great Thursday in Christ!

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