Thursday, January 09, 2014

Accepted in Christ

Good morning! Frosty this morning, but not at all bad. We struggle in this world to find our place. Even if we think we have found it, we struggle to keep it, or, in some cases get booted out of it through no fault of our own. Then, our place we think is found, the place appears secure... and we start questioning whether that place is what or all that God would have for us. Earthly acceptance is such a fickle friend! Wherever you find yourself this morning, rich or poor, employed or adrift, retired or just entering the workforce, married or single, you are accepted in Christ. Maybe you are experiencing a crisis of confidence, or a mid-life crisis, or the golden years seem like tin or scrap metal, or perhaps the world away from home is just flat out frightening to you, but you are accepted in Christ.

Does the Apocalypse send chills up and down your spine? Perhaps the thought of your own death causes terrible anxiety pains. As you age, does it seem that all of your friends and loved ones are dropping like flies caught in a Raid® storm to the left and right of you? The gaping maw of the unknown darkness seems to be reaching for your very heart! Yet, you too can be accepted in Christ, and comforted in His great love.

In the first words of the Bible, we find that God created the heavens and the earth. For this to happen, God must exist. He must have purpose in creating such things. When God created the man and the woman, it was not to cast them adrift upon this new creation. We read that before the Fall Adam and Eve walked with God. We can only imagine all that they learned from our Lord in those days. We must recall that even after the first rebellion, God did not abandon anyone. Today, we have God's word and God's Son. We enjoy the company of God's Spirit and His providence. We enjoy communion with God in ceremony and in prayer. Most of all we have God's promise that no one who comes to His Son will be turned away. A lifelong crook spoke from his execution, "Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom." (Luke 23:42) and he was saved. Just like that, we too can have the comfort of knowing eternity is safe in Christ. We are accepted!


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