Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ah, Well...Oops!

Good morning on this day after the State of the Union speech! Usually, I report on my take of the president's State of the Union speech. However, after thinking about it off and on through the day, my mind was elsewhere at the critical hour or two last night. I can get some secondhand information from the media, but I blew it in my duty as an informed voter. In my defense, we also suffered a fiber cut last night and had no Internet access during the time of the speech. I can't use that as my excuse though, I flat out forgot and watched a movie on the Blu-ray player while important things were going on. Is life better without network television service? After almost a year without, I can't make that claim. In the case of not having access to something important like the SOTU speech, then I must say, no, it is not as good. However, in not having access to a whole bunch of snarky humor shows and scripted 'reality' programming, then, yes, life is good without TV.

Many tools exist in this world that are not evil or good. How we use them is the issue. Using technology in a godly way helps churches and Christians in many ways. The spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ accelerates daily through our use of technology. Along with that is the rapid spread of other things that are not godly at all. We get the bad with the good, and must be discriminating users of what is offered. Of course, missing an event entirely does tend to remind me of that command to remain watchful. Ah, well...oops!

God with us on this day,

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