Friday, January 17, 2014

It's a Good Day To Be Alive

Good morning! Hopefully the serious wind of yesterday is gone. I didn't see any kids blowing like tumbleweeds around the playground, but the wind was pretty close to that level. One of my leaf bags out back did a little dance at one point. That got me to thinking; the day after a storm is a good day to be alive. We cry out to God during the storm. We fight the temptation to grumble while the storm rages. Yet, it is a good day to be alive just after that storm has passed into the yesterdays.

Sure, a windy day is no real hardship, only a bit of an irritation. We tend to hunker down a bit on those days - certainly my animals do - and the oppression of the wind makes the thinker start up. Many of the storms or tribulations in this life are much less when viewed from the day after. The pain fades away; and we come to realize that had we just known that it would end so soon, the storm would not have looked so scary. The few real terrors of the storm are gone, and the many more imaginary terrors have been put down until the next storm. We may find a mood of gratitude and praise has arisen within us on the day after a storm. Perhaps that is the day God awaits with eager anticipation too.

Think of it! All the trials and tribulations of this life are bound up in God's anticipation of our reunion in Christ. Why does our Lord not take the pain away? So that the wedding of the Lamb will be that much sweeter. Why so much difficulty to endure in this life? So that our joy will be complete when we see Jesus. Why does God send one more storm in this life? To get us ready to meet Him in person. Yes, the day after a storm is a great day to be alive!

Glory to God and all our love to His Son, Jesus the Christ,


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