Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Never Forsaken

Good Tuesday morning! That title sounds familiar. I'm thinkin' that we might find in the not too distant past a posting with the same name. A celebration of the promises of Jesus will lead us into familiar territory. What can I write that is new about the promise of Jesus to never leave us nor forsake us? My testimony may contain experience similar to many others of my Christian family. I may quote the same verses as favorites that many a brother in Christ holds as his own. The description of my salvation may match exactly that of a sister in Christ. Well, to the unbeliever we can only say, "What about this are you not getting?"

God has not changed in, oh, so many years that it sounds a lot like forever. In fact, God is the same from everlasting to everlasting. Perfection doesn't need to grow, evolve, adapt, or change. So, my testimony may sound very similar to a brother in Christ. Christians may like the same hymns, praise songs, and Bible verses. There is a good chance that as members of the body of Christ, we will enjoy many of the same activities. However, God has also created us in His infinite variety.

Like the world, our bodies and minds show many differences. But, as branches of the True Vine, we are never forsaken in all that we do and play. It is cold but still today, thus leading a brother or two to think of flying little airplanes this morning. A group of sisters in Christ may get together for coffee. I led a Bible study this morning. We didn't do the same things, but none are forsaken in Christ. Some are hurting, others ill, and some got up feeling fine on this day, but one is not held less firmly in the grasp of Christ's love. As promised, we are never forsaken by Jesus.

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

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