Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Wonderful Prayer

Ah, the guest of the week is back this morning. I guess that speaking of the absent wind as a good thing caused it to return to pummel us a bit more. This morning, I woke up to an interview with a man who sends a daily devotional to President Obama. Of course I had to wake right up to hear this. Before I go on, you all are much more important to me than any elected official so I will continue to write to you. Writing a daily devotional message to our president must bear some weight of responsibility. I feel it when writing to you each day; that is, I don't write just any old thing I want and often delete entire devotionals to start over. Would any devotional writer try to bear such a burden alone? I should think not. Whether writing to a president or a plumber, we bear up only in God's strength. In eternity, is the plumber any less important to God than a president? Not at all. Each is a life precious to God. I bear no less responsibility than the president's devotional writer. In Christ we stand; without Christ, we are better off not writing at all.

As I listened to the interview, the writer mentioned meeting various great persons, Billy Graham was one, and how this or that person gave a "wonderful prayer." I had to stop a moment to wonder if I had ever given a wonderful prayer. But then, who needs to worry about giving wonderful prayers when we pray to a wonderful God? It is easy to hand out compliments to people for their prayers, but we should probably give thanks to God for listening to our prayers, wonderful or simple. I suspect that my prayers tend more toward the simple rather than the eloquent or wonderful. My needs are not wonderful, my prayer need not be wonderful, but praise God my Lord is called Wonderful!


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