Saturday, January 04, 2014

How Long Must We Suffer?

Good morning on this cooling Saturday! I thought the other night that they must find a few munitions left over from the wars every now and then in Europe. No, I read in an article this morning that they find hundreds each year. Most are successfully disposed of without harm, but occasionally one will kill or injure more people almost 70 years after the last world war ended. How long must that suffering go on? Of course this is far from the only problem worldwide caused by the actions of persons long passed.

The simple answer is that this suffering will last until we leave this world, or until Jesus returns to set things right. We cannot fix all that has gone before with technology, or science, or good intentions. We can pray and have faith in Christ. We can spread the good news of Jesus and the hope we have in Him. The world is a dark place. Our light can help, but only if we let it shine forth.

There is much suffering, and it is heartbreaking for us to hear about it. We can look to the Bible and find that this tribulation will continue right up to the very end of this age. The prophecies of the end times fill us with great hope, at least...after we get past all that seal and trumpet stuff with its promise of judgment, pain, and death. We hope the Rapture will come before the Tribulation, but we also grieve already for those who must endure that period of time. Why? Because we know that when the Lord writes a prophecy it will happen. We don't know the date or time, but we know it will be. Much suffering will come, but all that only brings the time for our Lord's return that much closer.

Enjoy the weekend! Yeah, even after all that heavy apocalyptic stuff I just wrote.


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