Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Don't I Need?

Good Saturday, mates! The answer for today may start with some obvious things like: I don't need self-righteousness or hate or bitterness. We might go into things God has reserved for Himself such as vengeance or judgment. But I began the day with the thought that I don't need to own acres of land or businesses. I don't need to lord it over a bunch of employees. I don't need recognition as a celebrity or the service given to royalty. I don't need a lot of the things I thought I needed as a youth. Many of those things I considered a need before Jesus began changing me are needed no more.

At times I have fallen into thinking I need accomplishments, milestones, or a program of self-improvement to please God and gain His love. God's love was given to me long before I came to Jesus. God will not be impressed if I arrive in Heaven touting my resume. I was not saved by Christ on some contract with conditions and stipulations. My personal goodness accomplished nothing in my salvation. In fact, the Bible speaks of a certain group of people who are sinners and short of meeting God's standard. I'm not sure how many "all" is in total, but I'm sure I am in that group; "all" doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room. I need the salvation of Jesus and to live by grace in faith. What I don't need is so many of the things the world says that I need.

Have a great Saturday in Christ!

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