Monday, January 20, 2014

Third Try Does It

Okay, the thing is just not flowing out of me today. What thing? The love of God that is. I try to write a devotional that flows with the love of God, and some mornings I am just in the way. My petty concerns, unbelief, a shortfall of trust, or whatever, gets in the way of just writing in the love of God. I may take the time to cry out to God, "Why aren't You helping me?" When it is the me that is getting in the way of His help. Wait a minute, how can little ol' me get in the way of God the Almighty One? Easy, He allows it.

Faith must always have space for decision. Adam and Eve were allowed to make their decision to eat of the forbidden fruit. God didn't have to wait for later to walk with Adam only to find the man hiding in the bushes. God could have stood right there and melted the serpent with a glance. Each day we face similar decisions and God will stand aside if we insist on having our own way. The day that I want to write what I want, and will not listen for that small voice of God, will not go well because I cannot write alone.

As one who has given his life to Christ, I find that trying to go back to the old ways of performing does not work anymore. In the old life, my selfishness or self-interest was enough to power my way to accomplish some things. In those days, I would have charged a fee for my writing and counted on my selfish greed to provide the motivational power. Now, when I try to go it alone there is little in the tank and the productivity engine sputters and stalls. I must write with God, for I cannot write without Him. It takes time to realize this in my heart, for even now, years after my salvation, the corrupted flesh still wants to take control and be in control.

Go with God this day,

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