Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Snow!

Good morning on this snowy day! The wind has stayed away from us thus far, and the snow is an answer to prayers for some moisture. Now, is the snow enough for a school snow day? I suspect that a child or two is sending up that prayer even now. I'm glad we are having happy snow. Sad snow in this amount would be such a downer. Certainly it is more than enough to break out the Christmas carols! Now, if I could just take my mind off the snow long enough to write a devotional with some godly point to it.

Wrenching the mind away from our circumstance to pray with devotion to God is not always an easy matter. The world piles on the things to worry about and it takes the love of God coming down like a good snowfall to cover the circumstance. Now, see there! Even as I try to turn away from what is happening outside it works its way into my writing. Yes, not every circumstance is simply an accident of the world. God is in control. A prayer for moisture answered by a gentle snowfall is cause to celebrate God's providence. We don't need to hide from the circumstance when it is cause to glory in God's love. Every happenstance and circumstance is not an attack on me or you.

God gives. From what source or desire does God give? His great love for you and me. God does not give because anyone can force Him to do so through a powerful prayer or a certain righteous act. God gives because He loves us. God does not owe you or me anything. Yet out of His gracious love He gives and gives. Blessed be the name of our Lord!


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