Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Polishing Rotten Pots

Good n' cloudy morning! I dreamed last night that my dear mother and me were polishing pots. The pots were mine, but as dreams tend to go they were unlike any pots I have ever owned. The funny thing was that as good as the walls were looking both inside and out for our efforts, the bottoms of the pots had been burnt so many times that they were soft in spots and missing in others. A total waste of time, for these pots were rotten and would not hold water. So, obviously an object lesson in my dream. And I thought dreams were supposed to be entertaining.

A message from the Lord? What area of my life is rotten while I polish the outside part? Maybe I am a rotten pot, but Jesus loves me! The self-shame thing has gone on for years. I think I'll just remember that Jesus loves us rotten pots. I don't know why He chose to love us, but I do know that none of us are perfected yet. Yes, I have been burnt many times in this life, and there may be some soft spots on my bottom by this time in Christian walk. Jesus loves me!

Sometimes a dream, a passing comment, a scornful remark, or other things in this life will point out the sinful rottenness still lurking in us. Forgiveness and mercy are asked for of God and received, but the shame sting lingers in our emotional heart. Time to remember the love of God for His creation - that's you and me, folks! - and rest in the grace God gives through His Son. I cannot make myself perfect through my own effort. Some parts of my faith may be found in the test to not hold water. Jesus loves me and I am confident that He will mend those spots.

The love and grace of God to you on this day,

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