Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You're In The Army Now!

Good morning on this fine day! The history of Israel and Judah in the Bible is filled with military actions. Paul writes in military terms in his epistles. One might think from parts of the Bible that we owned some sort of military manual. Congratulations! You joined an army when you gave your life to Jesus. You are equipped with armor and a sword. Your camp is in contested lands, and you are now far from home. An enemy attacks you daily, and you will need to deal with a traitor in the rear. Like any army, the ones important to you are now the fellow soldiers beside you in battle and the commander of the army.

By the commander's decisions you live or die. By your own actions you comfort the ones fighting beside you. You do not stand alone in this fight. But, I don't want to be in an army! Didn't Jesus speak of peace, meekness, and laying down of burdens? Yes, our Lord did that too. He also spoke of trials and tribulations that would come. We joined an army, but we also joined the church. We did not join God's army to attack, but we are under siege by the enemy. Since the enemy will assault anyway, we might as well put on our armor, pick up our swords, and fight back.

Get a little angry at the Devil's attack on your brothers and sisters in Christ. Swing the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God. You're in the army now; fight in support of your fellow soldiers in Christ. Quit taking the flaming darts laying down. Ask Jesus for the strength to stand in the fight and resist the Devil. Live like the Almighty God stands behind you in battle, because He does.

God bless you all,

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