Friday, January 18, 2013

A Time For Prayer

Good morning on this fine day. Early yesterday morning, two homes burned down here in Julesburg. All residents escaped the fires, but their possessions and homes are gone. Please pray for the Myers and Thode families as you come before God this morning. One or more of us may be in a position to help on this day also. Please remember us in your prayers so that selfishness does not win.

It is relatively easy to bring all of my problems to God, over and over again, until something like this comes up. Sometimes we can look over there and say with conviction, 'Today, that family has more pressing problems than me.' We lose a goodly portion of the self-interest that plagues our prayers and we come before God with a request for a neighbor. Go with it today; reach out in self-less love as you pray for those who are suffering.

My request for me today: That one day the Lord will have cleansed me so much that I pray without selfishness on a day when everyone is having a great day and no tragedies have occurred.


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