Saturday, January 19, 2013

Let It Go

Good Saturday morning! We have heard about letting it go and letting God take it, but what is 'it'? How about a useless circular definition: 'It' is anything you need to let go and let God take from you. Yup, totally useless and circular. We gain a little understanding by examples. Any thought of bitterness about some situation or past event in your life can be one of those 'its'. Why didn't it happen to that guy instead of me? He was surely more deserving of the punishment or loss or whatever than me. That thought may occur years after the fact. And it may come from our natural selfishness or as one of those flaming darts from our adversary. Whatever the source, we must apply our faith in Christ and throw it away. Who are we to judge who is deserving of that thing that happened to us back in the day?

'It' could be a good thing that happened to the neighbor and not to you. Someone discovered a buried treasure in their yard not 3 feet from your property line. It may be revenge that we must give up. I just watched a TV show where the character said something like, revenge is good for the soul. Don't know how that could be possible when God claims vengeance as His own.

Okay, here we go with that one you know about: someone says something bad about you or that makes you look bad in public. Let it go? Yes! Is it easy to do? No! Of all the things we need to let go, not lashing back at the things people say is one of the more difficult to do. We want to rush to our own defense, beat 'em down with the rightness of our words, and justify our words or actions with our brilliant argument. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. Did our Lord mean that we are to let that go too? A lot of unjust words were spoken at Jesus' trial. He spoke no word in His defense. Sounds like a powerful example of letting it go to me.

Have a productive and enjoyable Saturday. May God's blessings go with you today.

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