Friday, January 04, 2013

Out-there Goals

Good morning on this first Friday of 2013! By now you have probably set a few goals and made a few resolutions for this new year. Have you made any of those goals that are kind of out-there goals? You know, those goals that, if achieved, you do not know what the final result will feel like. One example is any kind of boot camp. You may set a goal to become a Marine, a sailor, or a soldier, but passing through boot camp is the first goal. However, you have only a vague idea of what it is like being a member of the military. Those of us who served will tell a similar tale. We checked with relatives or friends who served, we may have read a book or two, or watched a few movies, but we could not know what it was like to be a soldier or sailor until we completed that first goal and became one.

Your goal may be to become wealthy this year. But do you know right now with any certainty what wealth brings with it? Do you know the responsibility of a wealthy person, or the criticism leveled at them? No, but you would like to give it a try just the same. I understand the feeling. We set goals that are way out there and we pray to God to help us achieve them. The most out-there goal may be the one we strive after the most and pay attention to the least. We want to get to heaven when we pass from this world. However, our knowledge of heaven and what it is like to be there with our Lord Jesus is, well, vague at best. We take it on faith that with Jesus is the place to be for eternity. Amen to that!

A lot of work goes into goals we take on faith. Serving in the military was not exactly what I imagined when I signed the contract, but that does not mean it was entirely bad. How much better then is the goal of heaven when we have the assurance of Jesus that all evil will be shut away from it forever!

Go with the love of Christ Jesus today!

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