Thursday, January 03, 2013

Walk With God as You Tread His Sod

Non-news flash: Winter continues today. To the legalistic, fundamentalist, blockhead, that title might cause anger. How dare I rhyme the name of our Lord with dirt of the ground. Yet, did not God make the first man from the dust? It is interesting that the popular theory of the world speaks of electricity and water, while the story of creation speaks of dust. The world talks of intelligence that grew over billions of years while creation speaks of God breathing life into the man. The wealthy man speaks of his hard work, ignoring the fact his servant worked just as hard over the same time but earned a pittance. Others claim their privileged circumstance to be a result of personal merit, but is anyone solely responsible for his station in life? Many are born into advantage, should they boast of their personal merit also? Everywhere we look the hand of God is at work in this fallen world, but not to those who do not believe.

Opposition is all around us in this world. If you believe in Jesus and read His holy word, you cannot believe in what the world believes. The Genesis account of the Creation cannot live with the Theory of Evolution. The triumph of the human will cannot sit beside dependence on God and His sovereign will. Grace as a freely given gift cannot exist with salvation earned by human effort. Many ways to get to heaven cannot agree with John 14:6. We must believe Jesus or the world. We choose between God and mammon. If you have given your life to Christ, you cannot be anti-Christ.

Walk with God as you tread His sod today. Draw nearer to Christ in prayer and He will come closer to you. The world will oppose us in ways both sneaky and obvious, but our God knows all of its underhanded methods. Do you feel out of place in this world? You are! God wants you to come home too, but you and I are not yet fully prepared. Patience as you walk with God. Trust in Him for the proper and timely provisioning of your life. Enjoy the peace and love of Christ Jesus!


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