Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Moments We Live For

Alright, so I shouldn't end a title with a preposition. Try to let my poor grammar go for this morning. I watched an old episode of the Mentalist and couldn't help but think of how they managed to capture one of those moments that police officers must cherish for years after the case is closed. That probably too rare moment when a kidnapping victim is returned to the loving arms of the family. Other moments will come to mind as well, such as a life saved, or a baby delivered beside the highway. I had to ask what moments we live for as Christians.

For days, weeks, or perhaps years we may live with the impression that life is going nowhere. Efforts seem in vain, wheels are spinning in the snow, and the life in Christ seems just plain stuck in neutral. We try to force the issue with prayer, fasting, and other things that do us much good, but may not move God in the way we think our Lord should move. We may forget that God will move us when His perfect time arrives.

Those we may call saints have studied or waited for years before their ministry took off in a manner of speaking. Do we dare think that their faith kept them from doing the same wondering and impatient waiting that we do? Given that God likes to take some of the most unlikely people to train up as saints, I rather suspect they suffered and prayed through some of the same doubts and wonderings that we do today. The moments they lived for were set behind a mountain of prayer, Bible study, worship meetings, and other preparation that God commanded to make them ready. Perhaps a bit more patience will bring us to one of those moments we live for.


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