Monday, January 14, 2013

The Son Hears My Entreaty

Good Monday morning! Sorry, the cold is still here. I read an old Calvin and Hobbes comic this morning. Calvin's snowman was sad because the sun ignored his entreaties to not melt him. Sometimes we feel that way too. We make the mistake of feeling that the Son is ignoring our pleading. How can I fulfill this work if God's Son does not hear my prayers? Of course, in our heart and in our head we know that is not true, but for a time we feel that self-pitying as we wallow in the cry of 'unfair!'

God causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. But, why oh why, did I think that the amount of rain had to be the same for everyone? No doubt a farmer somewhere has wondered over that statement too as he watched every thunder shower miss his fields and gently water the neighbor's place. The neighbor is already prosperous and has no belief in God. Why, his loans are already paid off and he gets a new tractor every year! Why doesn't God hear my prayers? We feel like the farmer at times. We may even ask God to explain why He doesn't hear us.

I'll let you chuckle over that last one a bit. Yes, in our time of self-pity and despair we may not realize the absurdity of our prayer. God's patient and kindly answer is always that He hears every prayer. The question of why God does not always respond with a 'yes' to our request is a different matter. Whoever said that Farmer 1 should get the same as Farmer 2? Why do you or I think that our wisdom is sufficient to know what is best for our needs? The Son hears my entreaty, even if the answer is 'no' or 'wait a while longer'. Faith is in knowing that a 'no' from God is the best thing for us. Faith in Farmer 1 trusts in God even though pagan Farmer 2 seems to have everything going his way. The Son does hear my entreaty, even when I am not making the right entreaty. Praise God for all of His answers!


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