Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Trial That Passes

Sometimes we look upon that valley of death's shadow as David names it in the 23rd Psalm and we say, 'Yes, I have an appointment there tomorrow at 0845! I understand what David was talking about.' Well, I had just such a meeting on Tuesday, and I am very glad that trial is in the past. Now, to leave it there where it belongs.

Part of the problem with a very invasive medical test, and if they must sedate you for the test it is probably more invasive than a person wants in the first place, is in the reliving of the test. Oh, the horrors! The best thing to do with the trials of the past is to let them pass. You may need the Lord's help in this; I know that I do.

Write it in a journal, talk it out with your friends in Christ, or if you are really mean, share it in a devotional. Find some way to let go of the burden and let God heal you and me in His wonderful way. Holding onto that trial, whipping yourself with the pain over and over again, letting the evil one have his way with you by reliving the suffering, these are not the way of healing. Learn the lessons you can from the trial that passes, and then let it pass!

Passing is on my mind a lot today because the preparation for the test involved a whole lot of that. I spoke with several folks who had this test and not one of them has indicated an overwhelming and eager anticipation for the next one. It's more like, 'I sure hope they come up with an easier test before I'm due again!' I'm with you, I hope the colonoscopy passes into the same place as bloodletting and trepanning real soon. Until then, let us give that trial to Jesus and let it pass into the past.


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