Thursday, January 31, 2013

Been Surprised?

Good Thursday morning! Of course you have! It's winter and you expect cold to greet you just outside the door, but the day is oddly warm. You purchase something online and you suspect you just messed up, but the thing arrives and is surprisingly useful or well-made, or - shiver me timbers - comes with readable and easy to understand instructions for assembly. The project seems mired in eternal delays, but suddenly the deliverables begin arriving and completion is assured...until the specs are changed at the last minute, but we are all too familiar with that bit. Not everything is a pleasant surprise in this life.

Surprises come because we are not omniscient. We cannot see but a few moments ahead and even that has no certainty for us. As of now the meteorite may be approaching my roof and my next moments could change forever. A loud smack, a rolling noise, and the thing comes out the gutter spout. I didn't say that it was a big meteorite. In the comic books, I would then pick up the radioactive rock and turn into some sort of greenish beastly thing spurting strange bodily fluids. If the latest version of the norovirus is going through town, that might not be so different from everyone else.

However, the greatest surprise of all is on the way as we speak. The Rapture is a scary sort of surprise for those who refuse to believe in God's Son. On the other hand, for us it is the greatest hope and the bestest surprise. All will be surprised though, for not one man knows the time and date of Jesus' next coming. Fill up with the oil of God's word, and be ready for that wonderful surprise!


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