Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Once, I Was Smart

Good morning! Cold, still here, but the sky shows the promise of warming sunlight today. Ah, I remember the good old days. Back then, I was smart. I know because people would say this at least once a week, and I said it to myself even more often. Being smart was a good feeling. People looked up to me, at least in my own perception, for being so smart. The problem was that occasional devastating time when I didn't know quite what I thought I knew. In other words I came up flat out wrong. That was completely unacceptable to the smart person and I vowed to never let it happen again. Then it did.

Then another day came. A day when all my smart did me no good at all. Could it be that I was missing something? What a blessing to discover that there was indeed more to learn in a subject I had studied years in the past. I had missed something! The pride of being smart got in the way of learning, of understanding something I very much needed to know. I wonder if any scribes or pharisees overcame their pride of knowledge back in the day?

Pride of any type gets in the way of rebirth in Christ. As Jesus said, the well do not need a doctor. We cannot realize our need for rebirth in Christ while we are proclaiming our wellness to the world. The proud smart person cannot learn anything. The proud strong man cannot realize his true weakness. The proud beauty cannot see the ugly sin inside. What a great day when I learned that Jesus had much to teach me about life!


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