Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Preachers and Teachers

Good morning with a goodly blanket of snow on top! I see in the news this morning that a teacher has been graded again. Social media and free speech do not belong to school teachers it seems. Oh yeah, how come she gets a hearing then? If she didn't teach school, there would be no call for a hearing in front of the school administration. For most of us, a call to stand in front of a board with interrogation or even disciplinary power is already punishment. I wonder also if there is not some spirit of vengeance in our desire to grade teachers and preach to preachers.

Preachers and teachers are two of the early authority figures in our lives outside of the home. Later in life we may feel a desire to get back at them through a higher standard than we give to factory workers or office clerks. Ah, but the Bible does have a higher standard for preachers and teachers, you might say. Yes, but what is your attitude in applying these rules? Is it for the children, or for yourself? For those being taught or to teach the teacher a lesson?

Examine your motives when correcting a brother or sister in Christ. Are you loving and caring, or do you set out on a witch hunt? Do you want your fellow sheep returned to the Shepherd's care, or are you secretly hoping their downfall will move you up the list a little in God's sight? The attitude behind the correction is our responsibility. If we cannot correct out of love, we may need to leave the correction of others to God and come before Him for a little correcting of an attitude.

Praise God for His gentle correction,

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