Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Helping Make It Right

Good morning on another of God's great days. That title comes from an old Christmas card I dug out of my trunk yesterday. It reminds me that we are allowed to help God make it right. As we look around this world we see a lot that is most definitely wrong. Most of the time we tend to hang back and wait for God to make it right. Indeed one day He will, but we are allowed to pitch in, and more than that, we are commanded to do God's work on this earth. Of course we are no good to anyone on our own. We must remember the Lord in everything we do in order to do our work in the right way.

We do a little work, and it becomes easy to be proud. We do a little more and suddenly we are not calling upon God anymore. As C.S. Lewis wrote: "He likes to be asked." I have started my work for God at times with the assumption that He will not leave me alone. Of course you know that I should start by asking Him first, but I don't always remember that. If I want the inspiration and wisdom of the Lord to infuse and power up my work, then I need to humble myself and ask. Have you ever got halfway through a project and then run out of ideas, energy, and the strength to see it through? Sure I have! The likely result of having taken off without God's help and will behind me.

Daily, we need to come to God and ask our Lord if we can help Him make it right in all that we attempt. It isn't that we can lend any strength to God though, we need God to lend us the strength to do any work right.


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