Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Worst Mistakes

Great day to you! For my first mistake this morning, do you remember that old Hanson song Mmmbop? Ha, ha, now you are cursing at me for reminding you of the dreadful melody you heard no less than a bazillion times back in the day. Sometimes our mistake is too much repetition as in a practical joke that is only hilarious the first time. Other times we say the wrong thing right off the bat so to speak, no repetition required. Actually, to have what we said repeated is to wince in pain all over again. Hmm, speaking of which, there is way too much repetition going on here this morning.

As I thought over some of my worst mistakes, I realized that the Bible covers a lot of that ground too. Not only the part about governing my tongue, but the parts where that old king did what was evil in God's sight. And then the next king did what was evil, and another one after that, and finally a break for one king to do the right thing, and back to another one doing what was evil, and so on. Our worst mistakes don't just haunt our memories, they may also make return visits. The good news - all those kings and sins and mistakes are covered by God's grace in Jesus Christ.

You may not be a king, or you may not go out of your way to do what was evil in God's sight, but you are covered under grace through faith in Christ. Even if we do see the temptation and go out of our way to do what is evil, we can find forgiveness in God's mercy and life in His grace. I may make a terrible mistake or I may sin, but the sacrifice of Jesus keeps me alive in God's great love. As if to remind me of my complete bankruptcy in regard to the law, sins of thought or deed come along often enough that there is zero chance of saving myself. You, me, or we, all of us need the salvation and grace of Christ Jesus for those worst mistakes and outright sins.

Be saved in Christ!

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