Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Your Hands - March 10, 2010

Good Wednesday morning! I have heard this wonderful song quite a few times on MyBridge, and it seemed like a good idea to borrow the title for today. An event might lead us to throw ourselves into God's hands, meaning that we have no control over the event and must trust in God to see us through. We might even let a person go into God's hands as that person has gone beyond our control and can only come back to Jesus in God's hands. We depend much on God's hands, even though we may not realize it. We tend to think that to be saved we must cling tightly to God's hands and never let go.

I have used that image before, but we tend to go back to it. We think that by clinging tightly we are somehow going to save ourselves, but what if at the end... we accidentally let go just a bit? Of course, it isn't our grip on God's hands that saves us, never was and never will be. God's mighty hands are all around us and it is His grip, not our own, that brings us safely to His heavenly home at the end. We owe a lot to God's hands: the creation of the earth and the wonder of the heavens; the new day each morning; our health and welfare; but most of all to the sacrifice those hands endured on the cross at Calvary. We owe our very lives to those hands that saved us as a part of God's wonderful plan.

Hands can also be used for the wrong purposes, such as leaving rude comments on a blog. I deleted a comment of that type yesterday after running it through Google's translation site. We don't need to see that kind of thing, but we do need to pray for those hands that typed it. We can pray that person comes to know Jesus not as a target for the world's scorn, but as the loving, healing, saving Lord of creation. One of the great privileges of the love of Christ is to pray for someone who thinks he or she is funny, when the true need is for the saving grace of Jesus. I forgive you.


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