Monday, March 22, 2010

God Creates - March 22, 2010

Good Monday morning! Well, the health care bill passed at last. The Sunday session kind of reminds me of some corporate meetings back in the day. If you want something done your way, bring everyone in when they don't want to be there, feed them a bunch of coffee and wait until everyone is squirming in their seats to push your agenda. We can holler about this or that in the bill, but I suspect that most of us have little understanding just yet about what this health bill will mean to each of us. I'm in that boat with you; let's all agree to trust in Jesus!

Yesterday, I read in my handyman magazine about how to repair rotted wood. The first step is of course to get rid of it. That seems obvious, for once the wood is rotted there is nothing we can do about it. The next steps are the tough part. If the rotted wood was a single board, you would simply replace the board and be done. What the magazine wants to show is the tough places where only a part of the wood is rotted and to replace the entire board might involve dismantling a door, rebuilding a support wall, or some other thing that might cause your house to start falling apart. What struck me is how powerless we are in this. Once the wood rots, all we can do is cut it out and replace it with more wood or some kind of epoxy that will harden.

God could regrow the wood right in place, create new wood on the spot, or simply put the wood back to its original condition. Jesus showed this by resurrecting Lazarus, and then himself. What is beyond man's power to accomplish, Jesus does with a word. We are powerless in so much that it's hard to believe we ever counted on our own strength to save ourselves.

God created our first ancestors, gave them one simple rule about one tree, and they blew it. So God gave some more ancestors the command to got out and fill the earth; they did, but their behavior was so bad that God started again with one family. The next time, God gave a group of people the Law and sent them to the promised land. Again and again they blew it. Even God's chosen people couldn't or wouldn't keep the Law to save themselves. God sent a savior in Jesus Christ; He made it simple for us. Those who believe in Jesus are saved, those who refuse are not. Many refused to believe in Him and instead chose to have the Savior executed. You might say we blew it again.

Mankind seems to have a predisposition to fail in its own salvation; this is why God sent a Savior. God created a way and performed the action himself to grant us salvation. We as a race of people have proven time and again that we cannot save ourselves, so now we have a way. As with that old, rotted wood, we are powerless to create new life, regrow life to boot out the rotted part, or to restore our life to a sinless condition. God once again shows his power by providing a way to rebirth us into a new life. Jesus is of course the Way, the Truth and the Life. He even said so to make sure we got it.

Enjoy the start of a new week, your eternal life has begun in Christ!


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