Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Out of Control? Bah, I've Never Been IN Control! - March 23, 2010

Good Tuesday morning! Have you ever had a complete schedule as recommended by the time management gurus? Any of us who worked or work for one of the big corporations has probably been in one of the scheduling classes. The idea is to get your life scheduled for highest productivity. This would explain the interest of big corporate management. The answer to all your dreams is in scheduling every minute of each day. I wonder if anyone ever schedules things like this: 0530 - power outage causes alarm to fail. 0630 - Wake up one hour late due to preceding entry. 0730 - rushing to work due to 1 & 2, have slight fender-bender with neighbor. 0800 - still waiting on police to show up for accident report. 0900 - arrive at work one hour late, boss hands me box of stuff from my former desk. 0930 - arrive back at home, toss stupid schedule in dumpster.

The truth is, even if we have a schedule in a scheduling book or computer, we don't schedule the unexpected. How would we know what to write down? Yet, we assume many things in our schedule, such as the ability to be on time for each and every event noted in the day's schedule. Jesus warned us about this when he told the people about planning to go to this other town and make lots of money. Jesus knew about the assumptions we would make now and warned us about this. We don't know from moment to moment what might or might not happen.

This is not to prevent you from trying to organize your day; I do the same on a more informal basis with my writing days. We plan our days with a prayer of thanksgiving to God and a note of "if He is willing" in our plans. In other words, we put our trust in God first, and then plan our days as best we can to the glory of God the Father. That way there is no illusion of having our own control over everything.

Have you ever had one of those dreams where everything is just wrong? I did last night, and I'll change the names to protect the innocent. To make it short, I was in downtown Sidney with just a towel around my waist. The man I know as George, sounded like George and responded like George, but wasn't George. The stores that should have been there weren't, but a restaurant that doesn't exist...was. In the restaurant, a waitress was about to give me tips on dandruff, but never did, while a woman I know as Meg, looked and talked like her, but didn't act like her. I finally got Meg to take me home in her Suburban, she has never owned one, while I looked intently for my truck. I was searching for a pickup that I had sold more than 15 years ago. In the end, Meg doesn't take me home, but drives into a Quonset and clicks the button to shut the door behind us... gulp! Did I mention that everywhere in the Sidney/not Sidney town there was snow piled up while I wandered from place to place in a towel? So much for my years of effort in organizing my mind. Obviously, your dear devotional writer is about to go wacka-wacka. Prepare the padded room; Ah'm comin' home!

The well-organized mind crew probably never tried to organize their dreams. If they claim to have organized and managed their dreams, I would call them 'liar', but what a sad state that would be for them. After that wild and out-of-whack dream, I could only laugh. Are my life and dreams out of control? Bah, I've never really been in control! For everything you or I might try to schedule, there comes a small event that we cannot control. Have you scheduled your death yet? Of course not, no man or woman knows when that will occur. Even those with a terminal diagnosis have only a vague idea, and that could turn out completely wrong. We don't have to toss our schedules out the window, you probably need to know the time of that next staff meeting, but we do need to trust in God first and let Him have a say in our schedule.

Praise God for the new day!


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