Monday, March 15, 2010

See what we want to See - March 15, 2010

Good Monday morning! Ohhh, it's the first time change Monday of the year. Did you spring up this morning ready to hit the road to work? I can't promise the quality of writing will be up to the norm this week; that time change thing always seems to hit much harder than the wags on the news would have me believe. I like the new show they have on CBS about the big boss going undercover with the serfs. We all like it when the CEO comes down to do actual work, and of course an all day physical job will be much harder on someone accustomed to sitting in a conference room all day. We do seem to like it when the boss gets his hands dirty like we do every day. So why does the world have a problem with Jesus?

It seems that having the Son of God come down to Earth and get his hands dirty would be the story to top all stories! However, many people still don't want to hear it. Perhaps it was because Jesus didn't make it a secret that He walked among us. A heavenly host announced his birth, prophets received word of his arrival, and his parents were visited by angels. Jesus even stated plainly that He was the Son of God. No mystery and no secrets, believe or don't was the choice.

We like the undercover boss because we are in the know as they say. The big boss is there with dirty hands and someone is going to misbehave as the restaurant manager was caught doing; or someone will bare their soul and the big boss can step in with help from above. Even if the big boss told some of those folks right on the spot that he was the boss, many would not believe him. We think of the suit, the nice office, the private conference room, and of course the big paycheck, to set apart the CEO from everyone else. We don't think of the CEO mucking out horse stalls, or washing dishes, or any of the other menial jobs we might be doing or have done to earn a living.

By the way, the CEO of my company is here right now helping me type the write words for this morning... oops, that's right words, that part is my fault. Must be the pressure of the boss looking over my shoulder! Actually, it was the "boss" who gave me the idea by posing the question: If we like to see the boss down here with us, why did so many refuse to believe when the King of kings came to Earth? I don't know why myself, because I very much like the fact that Jesus came to Earth and died for my sins. Perhaps if Jesus whisked everyone up to Heaven in a big limo and told them who He was one more time? No, because if they won't believe the miracles and the words He spoke in the Bible, they would probably find an excuse to not believe in Him sitting on the throne of Heaven too. John saw it and I think he described what he saw quite well in Revelation. We can read the story from an eyewitness, and still many will not believe.

Like the show Undercover Boss, we tend to see what we want to see. Jesus spoke plainly and revealed himself in person; some saw him for who he said he was, others saw after he rose from the dead, and others refused to believe entirely. A change of clothing, a couple of days without shaving, and people cannot see the CEO, but just another new guy to the job. You know that somewhere the CEO's picture has adorned a company newsletter, or a photo on an office wall, but somehow the connection isn't made. A little bit of deception and the big boss gets an honest look at the rank and file in his company. Jesus said, I am here, it's me, God, in person, and many didn't want to see who was right there in front of them. We don't get to see the Boss of bosses, to twist a phrase for modern times, face to face like they did back in Jesus' time, but He left us a nice little note: "Blessed are they who do not see, and still believe!"

Have a great Monday as we struggle to wake up this morning!


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