Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's No Surprise - March 9, 2010

Good Tuesday morning! Is it a surprise the morning came once more? We often come to a nasty surprise in this life. When we do, are the first words to mind a question like: what am I gonna do now? We often look up to the sky asking things like: where do I go now? What do I need to do? How am I going to fix this? How will I make it? A word that those questions have in common is the problem... I. Do you think that anything takes God by surprise?

Did God look at the newly created Earth and wonder how that got there? No, He looked at His creation and said, "It is good." Did God look down on Noah floating around on the ark, slap his heavenly forehead and ask, "Where did all that water come from?" Nope, God knew what He was going to do and warned Noah to start abuildin' that ark. God knew what Jesus would endure on the cross and that Peter would deny His only Son three times. God knew when you and I would be born and that decision we would make yesterday. He also knows which way you or I will decide tomorrow, and if there will even be a tomorrow as we expect it. Whatever catches you and I by surprise, it's no surprise to God.

The first question in our mind at some surprise in our life shouldn't include an "I", but a "we". Every trial we have faced thus far in our lives has been faced with Jesus by our side, the Holy Spirit inside, and God above. You and I have faced nothing alone in Christ. As Pastor Adrian Rogers often said, "The Holy Trinity never meets in emergency session!" Perhaps there is one "I" we can include in our first thought and prayer: "This has caught me by surprise, Lord, but I know that we will get through this as I follow your lead."

We are often surprised, that is the nature of our limited view of what's coming down the road. God is never surprised; He sees the entire road right down to its ending at the gates of Heaven. Trust in Him and live in Him.

Have a wonderful new day in Jesus!


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