Monday, March 29, 2010

Opening a New World - March 29, 2010

Good Monday morning! A new world has opened up for us, but I am kind of late to the party. Many of you will realize that I have taken the plunge and got on Facebook. Not everyone that I have known in my life is there yet, so it is some comfort to know that I am not dead last in this little thing. However, there is some evidence that I am just a little slow in getting out there into the new world of social networking. For those of you whom I have not yet sent a friend request, I'm a gettin' there!

This Facebook thing reminds me that often a new social circle, a new world so to speak, is as close to us as a few mouse clicks on the computer. A new way to keep up with how people are doing in their lives; all the trials of life that drive them to Jesus; the good news that happens; all there for anyone to read... We might be reminded of personal data security in this new cyber-world, but do we have to live in the Internet version of the remote cave? The answer depends on who you trust I suppose.

If you trust in your own ability to provide for and protect yourself, you might want to head for that hermit cave. If on the other hand you have put your faith in Jesus, then go on out there and spread the Good News of Jesus... and the good news in your life.

Whoo, I'm glad this new world doesn't require a lot of physical labor. I'm a bit worn out this morning. Praise God for the new day!


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