Wednesday, March 17, 2010

God's Business - March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! While I was listening to Ken Davis give us some examples of God's humor this morning, I thought about the serious business of Jesus. Do you suppose it is a mistake to think that God and His Son are only in a serious thought? Did Jesus and the disciples only discuss the very serious cares of the world while gathered around a fire on a cool evening? Among all the very serious concerns of God such as our redemption, payment for sin, our fears over death, and other serious matters, I find that there is one thing that keeps coming up: God wants to make us smile.

Take a look at some of the many things that will put a smile on your face in Scripture:

Relief at coming home at the end of a long journey - Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us.

A good meal when we are hungry - Jesus took delight in dining with his friends and neighbors. In fact He promised that if we would answer the door, that He and God the Father would come in and dine with us as friends.

Relief from pain - God promises to remove all pain from us in the life to come; this life is only the beginning of eternity with Him!

Seeing a friend - Jesus has not only promised to be our friend, but has sent us many Christian friends in this life. He commanded us to love one another; hard to do that with a frown.

A pleasant surprise, even if a bit hair-raising - Jesus "popped" in on his followers after rising from the dead. The writer made sure to mention that the door was locked when Jesus appeared to them. Which brings us to...

Humor. Jesus could have opened the door, locked or not, and walked in like a normal person though he was far from normal. The angel didn't have to speak to Moses from a burning bush; the donkey in Numbers could have kept quiet, and the Lord didn't have to give ducks a quack. Humor makes us smile and is all around us. I think that a big part of God's business is to make us smile. Whether it is in our daily life or in that eternal smile we will have when He brings us home to be with Him forever, God brings a smile to our faces. No more tears, no more fears, just uncounted years of laughing and smiling with Jesus as we glorify God the Father!

Have a smile in Jesus' name this morning!


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