Saturday, March 06, 2010

Is the Argument Worth It? - March 6, 2010

Good Saturday morning! A person can see that it did in fact snow last night, but that same person would have a tough time measuring how much snow fell. I think all of us are looking forward to spring, as even the normally temperate areas of the country saw snow and cold this year. So should we join in the argument on global warming? The question might be: is the argument worth it?

Often we jump into an argument with both feet before we stop to think if the argument is worth our time and effort, let alone that seldom does anyone 'win' an argument. People like to argue about a lot of things. Is poker gambling or a sport? If you know nothing about the game, you might be just throwing your money into a pot and wishing for a positive result; sounds like gambling. However, those who study and practice would argue that the cards you get are only a small part of the game. Reading the opponents moves and personal quirks, or tells, is the real skill in the sport.

We will be presented with many opportunities to argue in this life; some will be worth our time, others need to be left alone. We may be called to defend God's Word, the Bible. We know this as apologetics and it means anything but being 'sorry'. Creation is a part of God's Word and certainly worth defending with our best effort. Salvation through faith in Christ is another argument we must make to this dark world. We don't have to be an accomplished debater or wizard of logic to argue the Good News. We simply start with our testimony.

Have a fun-filled and joyous weekend in Christ!


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