Thursday, March 04, 2010

I Don't Know! - March 4, 2010

Good Thursday morning! We came to a tough verse to understand in our Bible study last night, we didn't come up with the definitive, all of us agree, no question about it, answer either. If scholars have debated the meaning of a verse for decades and centuries, perhaps we weren't meant to understand it yet.

One thing that deep and lifelong study of the Bible, or any other subject for that matter, might generate in us is the pride of knowledge. God may have put a few verses into the Bible to make sure that those who study faithfully will also have a reason to remember that, as the song says, God is God and I am not. It's alright to come to a verse in the Bible and admit, "I don't know!"

We may not gain a message, meaning or encouragement from every verse of every book in the Bible. Some verses may have been meant only for a group of folks from back in the day; other verses may not become clear until the event happens, or until Jesus returns. Not to worry though, it's perfectly alright to ask God about those verses we don't understand too. That may be another reason for those tough verses; that we remember to leave our own understanding at the door and come to God seeking for His understanding.

Isn't it wonderful how Bible study encourages more Bible study? We have yet to fully plumb the depths or measure the height of the knowledge and wisdom found in God's Word!

Have a great day in Christ


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