Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At Odds Once More - March 31, 2010

Good Wednesday morning! What do you think about how much you know? I often come to times when I think I know so much, but realize that I know so little. My feelings are at odds with each other in this. One thing I do know is that I must admit that I don't know quite often in this life.

Last night, I watched a show that mentioned one of those apparent contradictions in the Bible. While I am confused about the seeming contradiction, I have the humility to say that I don't know what it means and realize that I wasn't there. On the other hand, the expert on television tends to the view that anything in the Bible that is contradictory proves that the document is wrong. You see those who believe in their own intellectual power want to prove something wrong with God's word. A proof that the Bible has a mistake in it, so it seems to them, gives them the freedom to not believe in an all-knowing God. Each of us must choose to accept that we don't know everything and must trust in God, or we can choose to believe that we are smart and that anything we don't understand in the Bible must be wrong.

I don't know about you, but I think that I'll believe in God and read His Word with a humble heart.

Easter weekend is almost upon us. I have heard that the kids are out of school on Friday; no doubt some families will take off to visit other places this weekend. However, the main reason for Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Sunday morning is a good time to watch the sun rise and think about the morning many years ago when the Son did rise.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. Greet the morning in Christ!


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