Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'll Fly Away - March 13, 2010

Good Saturday morning! The title of many songs, sermons, and the occasional devotional, I'll Fly Away brings to us a feeling of relief, and of going to a place where the pain is over and Jesus reigns. Why do we want to fly away from here so much? That's an easy one to answer, we are faced with pain and suffering for much of our time spent here. We may not be under direct persecution for our faith at the moment, but we still face aging, disease, injury, and the aches and pains of daily life. If any of us happen to be pain free at the moment, we can always turn on the news to see tales of suffering and death from around the globe. An hour with the news and you would wonder why anyone wouldn't want to fly away.

Of course there is something worse than flying away.... we have to wait for it! Like the best Christmas present that we are not allowed to open, we cannot speed up the time of our departure. We have work to do here and God's promise will come in God's own perfect time. Speaking of waiting, why is that some are called early? Why didn't my friend Mike have to wait? Have you ever had the thought that someone close to you was needed in Heaven? It came to me one morning in the shower, where much of my thinking goes on, that those called early in life might be needed by God for a big project in Heaven.

The thought makes some sense even here on Earth. What do you do in a big project when the workload becomes too much for the team? Right, you pull in more people. Jesus went to prepare a place for us almost 2,000 years ago. Do you suppose that those who have departed this earth have a place on that project team? I think so, and when thinking that way the departure of our loved ones becomes a bit easier to understand. Why is Mike gone? God needed him to work on the New Jerusalem. Why haven't you or I gone yet? Our part of the big project hasn't yet begun up there.

We will fly away one day, either to meet Jesus in the clouds of glory or to meet Jesus in Heaven. One way and one day, you will fly away from here.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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