Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Sea Change - March 16, 2010

Good Tuesday morning! What causes us to move one way or another? Often we are pushed this way and that by events and feelings... or is that the whole story? As we come to know Jesus better in this life, we begin to see the guiding hand of our Creator behind the seemingly random happenings and coincidences in our lives. Paul reminded us that all things work together for the good of those who love God. Nothing is the out of control randomness that characterizes life without Jesus. What some will see as a tragedy in my life, I will choose to see as an opportunity for God's glory. What some will see as a terrible event in your life, you will choose to be grateful to God for another chance to show His grace.

We have the choice! This freedom can only come from God. Each day will bring us new opportunities for His glory and a renewing of our faith. Trials will come upon us, but do we ever stop to think that continuing trials are but one example of God's love for us? That in the sequence of trials we can see God's assurance that He will bring us home to Him in just the right condition? We certainly should!

Our course in this life is against the prevailing wind of the world. Hitting that wind head on in your own strength will wear down the strongest of us. God will direct your course and lend you His strength to make the decisions you need to come home to Him. Some of the things that happen in this life may seem to have no reason; a sea change may seem to come to your life from out of nowhere. However, we know that God is in charge and He is eternally faithful. Enjoy the ride! God is bringing us home.


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