Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Same Jesus - February 3, 2009

Good Tuesday morning! A little disappointment goes a long way. I'm speaking of the disappointment we feel in someone. In this life we are going to run into people whose professional knowledge or intellectual gifts leave us feeling that God has greatly blessed them in these areas. The disappointment comes when they fail to recognize the wonderful opportunity of life eternal in Jesus. We must always remember that God has made foolish the wise things of the world. Those with great talents in this world may not be able to see their need for the saving grace of Jesus. Sometimes we may catch ourselves wishing for something the world holds up as an idol. Those who possess a large confidence in themselves will not look to the one they really need, Jesus. Think of the times you looked to Jesus the most, were those times the best in your life or the most frightening and worrisome moments that you can recall? People who go through life without a care are at a terrible disadvantage. Those folks may never realize their need for a savior. Thank you Lord for my cares and pains in this world; each one is a step toward your welcoming arms. Two thieves died with Jesus in this world; one thought Jesus could not save even himself, the other saw the savior of the world. The same Jesus hung on the cross for both men, the difference lay in what each man chose to see. Praise God for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit that allows us to see the saving grace of Jesus in this dark world. Have a wonderful Tuesday! Bucky

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