Thursday, October 27, 2016

Waiting On Our Prayer

The calls have gone out, and some prayer has been raised to the Lord. Yet, I sense a waiting from the Lord our God for enough prayer and more prayer voices. Yes, the call for revival in our nation has become strong, but I don't believe the Lord will act until enough of His children get behind it in prayer and fasting.

We tend to think of revival as a whole bunch of unbelievers turning to the Lord to get saved, and it is! But first comes the revival of God's people to pray for those who do not yet believe. We come to Him in prayer with our request for revival. We sit out a meal in prayer to put some emphasis on our desire to see that revival. A little sacrifice to sweeten the incense of our prayer as it rises up to God. We follow our Lord Jesus in wanting to see the unsaved repent. We become the first fruits of the great awakening by waking up to pray for revival in our land. We hold in our hands the prayers that will send forth God's Spirit on a mission of revival!

America has experienced great awakenings before this time, and each time it was needed for great spiritual change in our land. I believe that before each of these awakenings was a time of prayer and a call for prayer that rose out of pulpits and pens. God's people responded by going to the prayer room and bringing a special request for God's action in revival. We can see the need: let us pray!

In Christ our Lord,

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