Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Busyness of Our Business

The morning came really quickly today, something about going to the town board meeting last night I suppose. And what a view of our political process in action at the local level, what a privilege to attend. I may have to take some of that regular coffee to wake up. Sometimes there is just too much going on. One or two of you may be able to relate to that. Whether we are involved in a great many organizations, overwhelmed by one or two large events, or just mucking about in minutia, we tend to have too much going on at times. It is a wonder that God can shout through the busyness of our business in order to get word to those who claim to have given their lives to His business!

We may want to give life a little 'whoa' from time to time, and listen for the word of our Lord. The Word is so beautiful for those who take the time to read and study that which is the bread of life to us. His word begins with "In the beginning", but it does not end with "at the end of all things." What a glorious gift our Lord gave us to have life everlasting in Christ!

Now, to just get a bit less busy...


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