Thursday, April 28, 2016

Not My Words, But Thine O Lord

Have a few words in you just clamoring to come out? Sure, we all like to have our say whether it is in spoken words or the written ones. We like to be noticed, even admired for our sterling wit, deep wisdom, and scintillating conversation. However, most of us have some pretty self-serving and mundane words that bust out instead. As our Lord told us, from out of the evil in the hearts of man come all the selfish, greedy, lustful, hateful, and wicked words we say, hear, and read. That isn't an exact quote; read Matthew 15:16-20 to study exactly what Jesus said.

It is interesting to think that for all that Jesus spoke in His ministry, not one word came out that He might have wanted to take back. Not one word of sin passed the lips of our Lord because no sin existed in His heart. He never needed to seek forgiveness of a neighbor, had no need to apologize, and spoke exactly the words of love needed for each person at all times. And, while doing all of that, He spoke to us these many years later. So, with that in mind, we go forth saying, "Not my words, but Thine O Lord!"

How much better for us to speak and write and even to think only the words of our Lord and Savior? We can hardly imagine the goodness and love that would flow from us if our proud words were set aside for but a day in favor of His. Well, we have good news there! Jesus is not making copies of Himself, He is perfection just as He is, but His Spirit is working us over and working us out to make us into saints of love and goodness speaking and writing forth those words of love, goodness, and devotion to Him. Fear not, Jesus will complete His work in us against that day when He will come to receive us unto Himself.

But until that day when I am remade completely in His image, I pray: Not my words, but Thine O Lord!


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